"When you understand that joy is the way

everything will work out for you"

- kahan

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Paco Alarcon

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International author and Key note speaker. World authority in combining Quantum Physics, Neuroscience and Spirituality for personal and spiritual development. He works with quantum energies that transform the reality of people creating lives connected to Spirit through an alignment with the unlimited energy of the Universe. With this people are able to create a powerful new vision of reality: The Quantum Reality in alignment with the the unlimited good the quantum field is creating constantly.

This is The Quantum Reality This new concept and experience of life amplifies the abundance, the good and the spiritual connection of any individual. In this way people are able to transform their reality and themselves attracting the blessings and unlimited abundance of the Universe.

He brings powerful spiritual energies into people’s lives for an amazing transformation of their consciousness and lives. He works with quantum energies that transform the reality of people. His teachings reveal the potency and depth of the spiritual realities, bringing people closer to the real experience of God. He unites the power of Spirit with the day to day life.

Author of several books of worldwide success. His seminars, talks and books transform the vision of life empowering people with the quantum ability to create a new reality full of abundance of good and unlimited possibilities

Kahan’s workshops deprogram people from their limited perception to acquire an unlimited vision of what is possible in connection to the Quantum Field which allows them to create a new reality of unlimited possibilities. He is well known for bringing spirituality down to a very practical and accessible understanding to be applied to any circumstance of daily life with the most impacting results. His seminars hold the key to a new connection with divine source and the spiritual part of every person, allowing them to enter a new level of energy and their unlimited potential to create their own reality.

Kahan has researched many spiritual approaches of the world and experienced them deeply gaining a powerful connection with Spirit. From that he accessed profound spiritual revelations that he shares in his talks and books.

Kahan is often guest in Radio and TV programs related to personal development, halth, science and spirituality. Has taken part in expos and festivals like: New Living Expo - San Francisco, Feria Magic of Barcelona, Jornadas de Colindres, Spain, Mind Spirit Expo of Vancouver, Bodhi Tree Hollywood, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Australia and London.

As a composer gives concerts of New Age and vibrational music and has several CDs of New Age and Jaz music.

Contact: quantumcontact@yahoo.com