"When you understand that joy is the way

everything will work out for you"

- kahan

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The Violet Light: The Power That Changes Everything


The new energy and how to get connected to it to bring your vibration up and become free from karma. Change anything to its best possibility. Become the luminous person you can be and get the power to create your destiny. Read an excerpt further down


“I just wanted to say thank you for the best book I have ever read: The violet Light – The Power That Changes Everything. The world is so lucky to have you.”

– Sherry. Medium & Spiritual teacher. Australia


“Something attracted me to your book tonight and just opened it randomly as wanted to hear some of your supporting words”

– K.V. California – US

This book is about putting the power of God in your hands.It is spiritual dynamite for the daily life. This powerful energy comes from Cosmic Intelligence. It activates your inner power fully. The Violet Light puts in your hands all the power of Universal Intelligence: God.


This Light activates in you the energy field that is not activated fully in you, so that you attract to your life all those things you really deserve as part of that Universal Intelligence.To change yourself truly, you need a force greater than yourself, that can help you. If you don't change from within, the changes you want in your life will not happen.

Stargate 2012: Recovering the Power for Earth’s imminent Ascension


Get a look at what lies beyond the Stargate opened in 2012. The new consciousness bible for these changing times. How to live with the new energies and align your life with fifth dimension ascended consciousness right now. Read an excerpt further down


“This is one of the best spiritual books I’ve read and I’ve read hundreds.”

– D. G. Author of: Not a Guru – San Francisco California

“Stargate 2012 is a personal action book, detailing all the steps necessary for each individual to complete their spiritual evolution.”

– Steve T. – US

In these moments in which we enter into a global planetary change of consciousness, we are urged to take our power back and with it, the control of our lives. Everything is getting ready for a massive rise in consciousness towards a greater light and love in humanity.


This change inevitably goes through the retake of our divine power since without it, this change is impossible. It is essential to activate completely the change to the light and power in you and discover how to recover the greatest jewel God has given you: your power. This is a door to spiritual independence, by direct experience and understanding of what God Spirit really is. 

Flying Within


A novel of paradigm change. A moving story about changing from ordinary life to a highly meaningful and connected life. Some people

have said this is the new Celestine Prophecy.

Read an excerpt further down


“I couldn’t put it down” 

– V. S. - Canada -


“This novel gives  you the courage to leave the

past for a new life full of passion and joy.”

– V. W. - Dorset, UK -

Flying Within is a novel based on the truths any human being has to find on his journey of self-discovery. It is written in a way that powerful wisdom and spirituality become very accessible for daily life.


It is based on the profound and life-changing realizations of the spiritual journey of the author - more than twenty years of quest, practice and teaching in different countries and different spiritual paths. Jake is a successful executive who, after years in big corporations, has seen through material success as the goal in life. He finds lacking in his life the adventure of self-discovery and challenges that would bring him the inner jewels he is missing.


He decides to leave it all. He then comes across a mysterious character, Tao-Sun, who knows some of the secrets he is looking for...